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  • Slate chippings

    The Slate chippings, also called slate paddlestone or slate mulch, are a 100% recycled and an eco-friendly product. It is of a beautiful gray colour and it is ideal for outdoor decoration, paths and the outline of trees and plants, because it helps maintaining humidity in the ground.

  • Yellow Grey gravel

    Decorative marble stone of a very special colour, presenting a large range of grey, from white to black, with a hint of yellow. This is an original and exclusive Velestone aggregate.

  • Pure White gravel

    Pure White, intense white gravel, the whitest on the market. It is used for the decoration of gardens, squares and walks or pathways. It is also widely used for the development of roundabouts and Japanese Zen gardens. It contrasts nicely with black and other dark colours.

  • Cream limestone paving

    Limestone paving of a creamy colour and a size of 60x40x2 cm It is slip resistant, perfect for creating pathways. It is also used as slab in terrace, gardens and courtyard with concrete screed

  • Venture Grey pebble

    The Venture Grey is very similar to our Blue Grey, but is more grey than blue. It is a limestone which, once dry, is of a very light color, almost white, but when wet, of a darker grey. The Gris Venture tumbled stone will give a touch of modernity to your projects.